Goodyear is planing to start using silica which derived from rice husk ash as a reinforcing agent in tires. The material of rice husk ash will be sourced in China to serve its factory in China, while it is also negotiating agreements with other suppliers elsewhere. The multinational tire giant has tested silica derived from rice husk ash over the past two years and found its impact on tire performance to be equal to traditional sources. This new silica from rice husk ash benefits the environment in many ways. It help reduce waste going into landfills, it requires less energy to produce, and it helps make tires in the way of more fuel efficiency. Goodyear noted that disposing of the rice husk ash is a growing environmental challenge. The annual  harvest of more than 700 million metric tons of rice globally, after being processed in the milling plants, rice husks are often burned to generate electricity and dumping the remaining amount of waste. However, this ash has been converted to silica for several years ago, only the more recently developed processes yielded a silica of a high enough grade to use in tires. Silica is used as a reinforcing agent in tire tread compounds. Compared with carbon black, a traditional reinforcing agent for tires, silica reduces rolling resistance. Lower rolling resistance, in turn, improves a car's fuel economy. It also can have a positive impact on a tire's traction on wet surfaces. 
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