After securing a government - to - government contract to supply 450,000 tons of rice to the Philippines in September 2019, Vietnam has recently won a contract of exporting one million tons of rice to Indonesia. The delivery will last to the end of March 2020 and still secured a good price of US$426.6 per ton for the deal. Vietnamese rice exporters will have to deliver at least 1.45 million tons of rice to the Philippines and Indonesia in accordance with the two contracts, it is equivalent to about 240,000 tons per month. These rice exporting contracts with the Philippines and Indonesia will help prop price of Vietnam rice up and alos increase the consumption domestically and Vietnam rice exporters may not face pressure on international market  to lower prices as before. The higher price will be a motivation for farmers, especially in the area of Mekong Delta, to start the winter - spring season. 

Phamexco Editorial Team

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