Phamexco Co., Ltd. is a Cotton Wiping Rags processor and exporter from Vietnam. We do sourcing fabric scrap from garment factories across Vietnam, eliminating polyester fabric rags, choosing only 100% cotton rags, packing them in bags, boxes, bales and then exporting.

10kg Cotton Wiping Rags in bale

Our cotton wiping products are sorted seperately into white color and mixed multi colors. The collected pieces of cotton rags must be assured 100% new, clean and definitely 100% cotton content fabric, with the highly absorbent quality. To be assured the safety issue, our cotton wiping rags are metal-detected carefully once again before packaging. 

10kg Cotton Wiping Rags in bale

Our current standard of packaging is in 2kg plastic bags, 10kg carton boxes and 10kg bales. In which, 10kg cotton wiping rags in bales could be stuffed up to 22 tons in a 40FT container. This type of packing is suitable ideally for rags dealers, who will process the rags again and packing as their standards. As for the 2kg, cotton wiping rags are tightly compressed, vacuumed and sealed in plastic bags.

2kg Cotton Wiping Rags in bag

The 2kg cotton wiping rags in plastic bags are also packed in carton boxes. By stuffing 5 bags in a carton box, we could have 10kg cotton wiping rags in boxes. This type of packing is very convenient for users.

2kg Cotton Wiping Rags in bag


For shipping worldwide, our cotton wiping rags are stuffed directly into container without pallets, or on plastic pallets, this depends on each customer's request. The maximum loading is approximately 10 tons of bags and boxes in a 20FT container and 20 tons in a 40FT container.

400kg Cotton Wiping Rags on pallet

If you need to import Cotton Wiping Rags from Vietnam, please send us your inquiry to contact@phamexco.com or click here to visit out contact pagePhamexco Co., Ltd. will work hard with any customer to ensure that they will receive the right Cotton Wiping Rags as commitments.

400kg Cotton Wiping Rags on pallet


- HS code: 6310.10.20
- Name of product: Cotton Wiping Rags
- Country of origin: Vietnam
- Cotton: 100% cotton content
- Grade: 100% new, not used clothes
- Colour: Mixed colors / White color
- Material: By-product of garment factories
- Feature: Soft, clean, no zipper, button, metal
- Absorbency: highly water or oil absorbency.
- Packaging: 2kg, 10kg in plastic bag.
- Container 20 foot: 9 tons
- Container 40 foot: 18 tons
- Minimum order quantity: 9 tons
- Shipping term: FOB / CNF / CIF

- Payment term: TT / LC
- Price: Please contact us


- Commercial Contract
- Commercial Invoice
- Packing List
- Bill of Lading


We use testing and inspecting services offered by most trusted global firm