Phamexco Company Limited is a Cotton Wiping Rags exporter from Vietnam. We do sourcing, processing and packaging cotton wiping rags, which are collected as the by-products from garment manufacturers across Vietnam and exporting to international customers around the world. Our cotton wiping rags are not reclaimed from the used clothes, they are scrap fabrics which are being obtained after producing cotton polo shirts, cotton T-shirts, or other cotton cloths.

Mixed Color Cotton Wiping Rags / Cotton Rags
Packaging 2kg/ 5kg/ 10kg, customer's name

So that, our cotton wiping rags are 100% new, clean, and not mixing with any type of synthetic fabrics. The minimum percentage of cotton in this source of fabric waste is 65%, and ranging randomly from 65% up to 100%. Our cotton rags are very soft and highly absorbent for wiping and cleaning purposes, especially in water and oil environment. 

White - Cotton Wiping Rags / Cotton Rags
Packaging 2kg/ 5kg/ 10kg, customer's name

Our cotton wiping rags are metal-detected carefully and packed in 2kg / 5kg / 10 kg plastic bags. Besides, we are also providing cotton wiping rags in large bales, which could be weighing from 100kg to 200kg per bale and could be stuffed up to 25 tons in a 40FT high cube container. This type of packing is suitable for rags dealers, who will process the rags once again and do packaging with their own standards.


White - Cotton Wiping Rags / Cotton Rags
Packaging 2kg/ 5kg/ 10kg, customer's name



- HS code: 6310.10.20
- Name of product: Cotton Wiping Rags
- Country of origin: Vietnam
- Cotton: from 65% to 100%
- Grade: 100% new, not used clothes
- Colour: Mixed color / White color
- Material: By-product of garment factories
- Feature: Soft, clean, no zipper, button, metal
- Absorbency: highly water or oil absorbency.
- Packaging: in plastic bag, 2kg / 5kg / 10kg.
- Container 20 foot: 10 tons
- Container 40 foot high cube: 22 tons
- Minimum order quantity: 10 tons
- Shipping term: FOB / CNF / CIF

- Payment term: TT / LC
- Price: Please contact us


- Commercial Contract
- Commercial Invoice
- Packing List
- Bill of Lading
- Certificate of Quality (If required) 
- Certificate of Quantity (If required) 


If you need to import any type of Cotton Wiping Rags from Vietnam, please contact us and share with us your demand, so we could do the sourcing, processing and exporting for you.


Phamexco will work hard with any customer to ensure that they will receive the right Cotton Wiping Rags as their required quality and quantity. Working with Phamexco, you can expect to work with a reliable Vietnamese exporter, always being with competitive price, good quality, guaranteed delivery and safe payment. 


We use testing and inspecting services offered by most trusted global firm