Phamexco Co., Ltd. is a Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon exporter. We do sourcing, processing and exporting the premium quality Cassia Cinnamon products from the highland central provinces of Vietnam. 

Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon harvesting

Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon is also known as Saigon Cinnamon, one of the three main types of Cinnamon in the global market. Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon is different to Ceylon and Korintje Cinnamon by their properties such as colour, taste, aroma, appearance and oil content. 

Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon processing

There are two harvesting seasons of Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon in the highland central provinces of Vietnam. The first is from March to April and the second is from July to August. 

Vietnam Whole Cassia Cinnamon

With the total capacity is about 1000 MTs per year, the highland central provinces of Vietnam is considered as one of the biggest sources of Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon.

Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon Stick

There are four types of Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon which Phamexco could do exporting. They are the whole Cassia Cinnamon, split Cassia Cinnamon, broken Cassia Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon powder. The specification of our products is described at the end of this introduction.

Vietnam Whole Cassia Cinnamon

Vietnam Whole Cassia Cinnamon

Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon Stick

Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon Stick

Vietnam Split Cassia Cinnamon

Vietnam Split Cassia Cinnamon


Vietnam Broken Cassia Cinnamon

Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon Powder

In application, apart from being used as one of the most popular spices, Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon has also been used as material for medicine production, food production, cosmetic & perfume production. Both the leaf and the bark of Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon are also having oil, which can be extracted through the method of steam distillation.

High Volatile Oil Cassia Cinnamon

Our Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon has been evaluated as one of the highest oil Cassia Cinnamon, with the Volatile Oil content on dried basis is always higher than 6%. Our testings are conducted by SGS Vietnam, and the testing results have demonstrated for this declaration.

Volatile oil and moisture testing report - page 1

Volatile oil and moisture testing report - page 2


If you need to import Cassia Cinnamon from Vietnam, you can share with us your demand, so we could do the sourcing, processing and exporting for you. 

Product Specification: 
- HS code: 0906.11.00 / 0906.19.00
- Name of product: Cassia Cinnamon
- Type of product: Whole, Split & Broken
- Volatile oil content: Minimum 6% 
- Moisture content: Maximum 13,5 %
- Length: 20 cm - 45 cm, or as buyer's request
- Thickness: Minimum 0.8 mm
- Colour: Natural brown colour
- Foreign matter: Maximum 1 %
- Funfus & moldy: No fungus, no moldy sticks
- Crop year: 2021
- Shelf life: 3 years
- Origin: Central provinces of Vietnam
- Processing type: Sun drying
- Packaging: 10 kilogram in carton box
- Or packaging as buyer's request

MOQ, Shipment & Payment Term
- Minimum order quantity: 1MT
- CIF price: depend on destination port
- Container 20": 6.5 MT
- Container 40": 15 MT
- Payment: Irrevocable L/C 100% at sight

Documents we will have for the shipment:
- Commercial Contract
- Commercial Invoice
- Packing List
- Bill of Lading
- Certificate of Phytosanitary (If required)
- Certificate of Vietnam Origin (If required)
- Certificate of Fumigation (If required) 
- Certificate of Quality (If required) 
- Certificate of Quantity (If required) 

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Mr. Anh Pham

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Mr. Anh Pham - Mobile: +84 918 05 72 27 (WhatsApp)


Phamexco will work hard with any customer to ensure that they will receive the Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon products as their required quality and quantity. Working with Phamexco, you can expect to work with a reliable Vietnamese exporter, always being with competitive price, good quality, guaranteed delivery and safe payment. 


We use testing and inspecting services offered by most trusted global firm