Seedless lime is a special type of lime, a citrus fruit species without seeds. In Vietnam, seedless lime has been planting mainly in Mekong Delta provinces, where most of seedless lime farms are applying many advanced agricultural technologies and quality management standards. 

Vietnamese Fresh Seedless Lime

Phamexco Co., Ltd. is a Vietnamese Fresh Seedless Lime exporter. We do sourcing and exporting a large quantity of Fresh Seedless Lime. We work closely with Vietnamese seedless lime farmers and processors, so we could have a very competitive price in the market for your choice. 

Vietnamese Fresh Seedless Lime

After being harvested from farms, our fresh seedless limes will be washed, collected and sorted into 2 main grades before packaging in carton boxes.The net weight could be ranging from 5kg to 10kg per box, or as customer's requirement. In which, the grade A is from 10 - 16 fruits per kilogram, the grade B is from 18 to 24 fruits per kilogram.

Vietnamese Fresh Seedless Lime

The size of our fresh seedless lime is from 4.5cm to 6.5cm in diameter, and the minimum weight is from 65gram per fruit. After packaging, our fresh seedless limes are preserved in cold storage and waiting for being loaded on refrigerated containers. A 20FT reefer container could load 12 tons, while a 40FT reefer container could load up to 26 tons. 

The shelf life of our fresh seedless lime is from 45 days to 60 days from the packaging date. Especially when the products are preserved in cool condition, where the temperature must be kept below 5 Celsius degree.

Vietnamese Fresh Seedless Lime

If you need to import Fresh Seedless Lime from Vietnam, please contact us and share with us your demand, so we could do sourcing, processing, packaging and exporting for you. Phamexco Co., Ltd. will work hard with any customer to ensure that they will receive the right products as the committed quality and quantity.

Vietnamese Fresh Seedless Lime

Working with Phamexco Co., Ltd., you can expect to work with a reliable Vietnamese Fresh Seedless Lime exporter, always being with competitive price, good quality, correct quantity, guaranteed delivery and safe payment. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Vietnamese Fresh Seedless Lime



- HS code: 0805.50.20
- Name of product: Fresh Seedless Lime
- Packaging: from 5kg to 10kg in boxes
- Size: from 4.5cm to 6.5cm in diameter
- Minimum weight: from 65gram per fruit
- Grade S: from 18 to 22 fruits / kilogram
- Grade M: from 14 to 18 fruits / kilogram
- Grade L: from 10 to 14 fruits / kilogram
- Color: light green to yellow

- Preservation: chilled storage
- Shelf life: within 45 days
- 20FT reefer container: 12 tons
- 40FT reefer container: 26 tons
- Shipping term: FOB / CNF / CIF

- Payment term: TT / LC
- Price: Please contact us


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- Bill of Lading
- Phytosanitary Certificate
- Fumigation Certificate

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